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"Tu veux être ma petite copine ?"

Translation:Do you want to be my girlfriend?

December 18, 2013



WOAH! Plot twist we're a boy now.


That was incredibly small-minded of me. I believe that a persons sexual preference is their own choice and I apologize if I offended anyone with my callous assumptions.


I laughed. Did not feel offended in any way (:


I appreciate that! You know somebody did though, and the apology is for them. Although they'd probably still be mad. But I'm glad I made you laugh :)


How overly polite. Jeez. Relax a bit.


D'accord. Je vais relaxer un peu. Mais juste un peu. Je vais relaxer mon petit doigt. Commencez-vous à comprendre mon sens de l'humour encore? J'ai être un troll, mais je commence à regretter sérieusement:


Pourquoi est-ce que tu le regrette? Personallement je pense que ce type d'humour est très drôle. Mais je suppose que il est facile de mal comprendre (oups)


*qu'il est facile [/NathanShap]


Thanks. I always forget to do those (honestly, just fishing for people to correct me).


i'm laughing so much XD


Honestly, I have lived in France for a good while now and have never heard anyone in France add 'petite' to 'copine' - let alone say 'petite amie'. 'Copine' for girlfriend and 'copain' for boyfriend seems to be de rigueur over here. The only times I ever hear 'petit(e) copine/copain' or 'petit(e) ami(e)' uttered it tends to be from Americans who just got off the boat.


Thank you, I was wondering about that because my French teacher taught us copine/copain and i couldn't remember petit having anything to do with it....so the duo version sounded a bit disparaging to me TBH. "Do you want to be my little girlfriend?" Makes me think booty call/side girl


EXACTLY what I thought!!!


Thank you, I was wondering why that was here. I didn't know whether to put "little girlfriend/little boyfriend" or what. I assumed it meant to emphasize "not a serious relationship" but wasn't sure. Thanks again!


Has anyone tried using pally or matey yet?


Not yet, but now I totally want to in a real situation


No one's commented on the narrator's weird tone of voice? It sounds to me like she's trying not to laugh!


Her saying the sentence sounds like pure desperation, hah


would you like to be my GIRLFRIEND?!!! Sounds like she's screaming!


Well, it is a recording, and it's hard to imitate a human's change of pitch in their voice, so duo did mess it up, (but nothing can be perfect!) I guess.


Where is the difference between "petite amie" and "petite copine"?


'Petite amie' means 'Little love' (literally) whereas 'Petite copine' means 'Little friend' (friend being feminine).


une amie is a friend. l'amour is love


Well, really, they do (more or less) mean the same thing.


I can not understand you, by the way, what's the difference between "Whereas" and "While"?


Whereas is used when you want to say "this but that". While can be used that too, but also means "happening at the same time" in other contexts.


The difference is in the register, tone, formality. Ami/amie is a bit more formal than copain/copine.


The site refers "Copine" as "Girlfriend", instead of "Petit copine"


« Copine » is fine for girlfriend, leaving some room for ambiguity though.


Not much - the use of the possessive ('mon' copain / 'ma' copine) tends to iron out any ambiguity when most French people I know talk about their significant other.


The how do French speaking persons refer to their friends?


It's very common to say 'ami(e)s' (friends) or 'potes' (French for 'mates' / 'buddies'). This is totally unambiguous as 'mon ami' is never used to say 'my boyfriend' (unless you add 'petit' and say 'mon PETIT ami', which is the kind of thing they teach you at school but which real French people never actually say).

In any case, normally the plural 'mes copains/copines' would mean 'my friends', while using the singular 'ma copine' and 'mon copain' would mean 'my girlfriend' and 'my boyfriend' respectively.

So: 'je vais prendre un verre avec ma copine ce soir' = I'm going for a drink with my girlfriend this evening. BUT 'Je vais prendre un verre avec mon amie ce soir' = I'm going for a drink with my (female) friend this evening.

AND if you want to make it even clearer that this 'ami(e)' is "just a friend" (and make the gender of the person clear in spoken French), you use the indefinite article 'un(e)'. So 'je vais prendre un verre avec une amie ce soir' = I'm going for a drink with a friend tonight. The phrases 'c'est un(e) ami(e)' and 'c'est un(e) pote' are frequently uttered by French people trying to reassure their significant other that the person they're meeting up for a coffee with is not competition ;)


I stand corrected by a friend - just had this discussion with a flatmate and he said that he has heard some French people saying 'mon ami(e)' (note the use of the possessive) to mean 'my boyfriend/girlfriend'.

The French will often say 'c'est un(e) ami(e) à moi' or 'c'est un(e) copain/copine à moi' when they don't want to say that the person is their boyfriend or girlfriend. So the possessive 'mon/ma' often says a lot. The most common word for boyfriend/girlfriend that I have heard, in any case, is 'copain'/'copine'. Hope that helps!


Both this post and your response post (which I can't reply to) are highly insightful! Merci beaucoup!


Thank you! This has really puzzled me as I have learned ami(e)=friend (old, formal), petit(e) ami(e)=boyfriend/girlfriend (old, formal), copain/copine=friend (informal/familiar) and petit(e) copain/copine boyfriend/girlfriend (informal/familiar).

Later on have I encountered mon pote=my buddy (male), mon copain=my boyfriend, ma copine=my girlfriend and then wondered how you differ between copain/copine=friend and copain/copine=boyfriend/girlfriend!


"Veux etre" needs a liason when pronounced, no?


i think you're right; it's a mistake.


I asked a French guy, and he said it's optional. It does sound better with it though eh?


well, I guess it's always better to pronounce it than not, if it is optional...


Depends what tastes better to you, really. I do not pronounce this "link" and neither hear it much from others.


'Will you be' should be accepted as a correct answer, since it's the same question.

I'm finding more and more places where the idioms are not completely integrated..


it seems to me that problem is in tense, "will you be" is future; "do you want to be" is present. verb "veux" is in present here


It also sounds conditional to me.


Woah the French are absolutely direct♡♥


Awh Duolingo, how sweet. I'll gladly be your girlfriend.


How is "will you be my girlfriend" wrong? I don't get it.


the one question i will never ask anyone because everyone hates me haha rip


Your username is the reason my heart is ripped in two. Thanks for reminding me of it. Also your profile pic is goals.


So petite copine and petite amie and be both gender?


Copain and ami are both masculine, copine and amie are both feminine.


Doesn't petite means little?


Hello....) What the word "petite" is doing here?)))) I dont understand if it has a different meaning than "little/small or..something Thanks! ;)


I have to say, these pick up lines are a great disappointment! How about je te creme ou quelque chose un peu plus orginale? If I'll ever hook up with a french man its no thanks to Duo!!


Wtf, where petite in the translation!!!??? They put me wrong because of that


And petite!?!!!!!


would sound better with an "est-ce que", non? or using inversion "veux-tu être ma petite copine?"-- it sounds incomplete without it. and if i am not mistaken, technically incorrect without the use of either a prepositional phrase or inversion.


In many ways french is more similar to spanish than english. Saying little friend in spanish implies that you are in a relationship with that person. While in english it could imply that.. if you squint a little lol


i put my "little girlfriend" when it said petit copine, but it said it had to be only girlfriend and not small or little girlfriend


Yes, I would! Thanks for asking!


why is do you wanna be my girlfriend accepted, same thing :/

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