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  5. Bonjour mes amies :-)


Bonjour mes amies :-)

May not have spelled that correctly. I'm enjoying dusting off my high school French with Duolingo. Looking forward to learning more and having fun! Hope you make new friends along the way. Bon chance!

January 16, 2016



Bonjour Jacqueline! I wish you the best as you once again learn French! It's a beautiful language, and I'm glad that you've decided to take your journey with our community! Just one note: "amies" is only feminine, so since we are a mixed group you should use the masculine form, "amis," which is used for both masculine and mixed groups.


Thank you, Jo! I totally forgot "amis" Merci beaucoup!


Je vous en prie!


Bienvenue , Jacqueline ! Et bonne chance !


Merci beaucoup, Cicero :-)


S'il y a des hommes et des femmes, je pense qu'il est "amis", mais je ne suis pas sûr parce que je commence avec le français récemment.


You are correct. I forgot. It's been many years since I took high school French. But thank you nonetheless!


You're very welcome! :-)


Bonsoir ami, je m'apelle Fabienne. Est un nom Frances. I think that's right. Well, I am German born living in the us and haven't learned french since I left home 8 years ago. So, here we go...


Bonjour! I was born in Munich, but left when I was a child. My mom is from Madrid, so lived there until coming to the U.S. Really enjoying Duolingo. Hope you are too.


Bienvenue Jacqueline! Je suis assez nouveau, aussi, donc j'utilise Google Translate. Je suis vraiment un locuteur natif anglais.

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