"What do you want to read?"

Translation:Co chcesz przeczytać?

January 16, 2016

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Why the perfective, then? I want another reason than "because it is a task from the perfective section".


Was "czytać" not accepted? To me, there are at least three options, and of course 'the perfective section' shouldn't matter.

"Co chcesz czytać?" - What do you want to read, generally?

"Co chcesz przeczytać?" - What do you want to read and finish reading?

"Co chcesz poczytać?" - What do you want to read a bit? (especially makes a lot of sense when reading to children)


So, poczytać just means read a little? As in breeze over, glance at or survey a peice of writing?


Just read for a while. "Przepraszam, chciałbym spokojnie poczytać!" (Excuse me, I would like to read (a bit) in peace) -> I have a free hour and an interesting book, so I'd like to read a bit.


And naczytać is a past action?


I can only imagine "naczytać się", na- is a prefix suggesting 'doing something a lot'. Not exactly the most common verb.

Past action is usually "przeczytać" (the book is read, it's finished) but imperfective "czytać" works in the past as well.


In Russian, Ćto chociesz procitat'? !

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