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  5. "Você tem tempo?"

"Você tem tempo?"

Translation:Do you have time?

January 14, 2013



it is correct, do you have time, is asking if you have the time to do something. it is not asking what time or time of day.


if you want to ask the time, you say: que horas são?


You have time? IS THE CORRECT translation and perfect english ??????????


You have time is a statement. Do you have time or if you have time are questions.


they didn't write "you have time", which IS a statement, they wrote "you have time?" which IS a question. You do not need a "do" or an "if" in order to ask a question. For example:

Janice: "Man, Bob, you have been crazy busy today, I've barely seen you at all! when would you like to have the meeting?"

Bob: "Yeah, it's been a crazy day. How about we meet now?"

Janice: "you have time?"

Bob: "Not much, but we can have a quick meeting"

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