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"Fevereiro não é um mês de verão."

Translation:February is not a month of the summer.

January 14, 2013



Could "February is not a summer month" be a correct translation as well?


It is now accepted. :)


Not for me, it wasn't. Today is March 21, 2019


Definitely. Just another beta error.


i gave that answer too, or course is should be correct


Why is "de" used here instead of "do"?. I thought this was: "February is a summer month" because of "de".


´não é´ = isn´t, which gives you your negative in the sentence. I believe that here ´de´ is used because it is referring to summers in general (every summer) which is more appropriate as Feb is never a summer month (in the northern hemisphere). If it were ´do´ it would be talking about a specific summer (like this summer).


Seems like it should be. It's more natural English. No one says "February is not a month of summer."


We already know that the sentences don't need to be true. And Doulingo already have lions that reads letters... Maybe you can fix that February is a summer month in south hemisphere.


I was wondering the same as Amired. "A summer month" would be "um mês de verão" wouldn't eat. The discussion regarding where it's summer and where it isn't doesn't have anything to do with the sentence. I translated this sentence as: "Fevereiro não é um mês do verão." Why shouldn't that be right?


Do verão = Of the summer Meaning a specific summer

De verão = Of summer Meaning summer in general


I am not sure about Brazil, which is mostly in the Southern hemisphere, whether February is summer or winter. In English speaking Australia and New Zealand February is a summer month. To us in the UK it is very much not a summer month, not even a spring month, but I agree with the common feeling that we don't say "a month of the summer".


In Brazil, February is most definitely a summer month. Even in the Northeast. Though, the temperature stays warm in NE Brazil, the activities change. (At least, that was the case in Salvador.) There are tons of summer activities, folks travel more and, generally, act like everyone else in the world acts in the summer.


This course focuses on Brazilian Portuguese and American English so the seasons are as experienced by Americans and the Northern Hemisphere in general.


février n'est pas un mois d'été est la bonne traduction française


Oui (presque : c'est "de l'été" que vous voulez dire), mais on n'apprend pas le français maintenant.

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