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  5. "Hola, preciosa."

"Hola, preciosa."

Translation:Hello, beautiful.

December 18, 2013

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I said "Hey, lovely" but that wasn't accepted. Is that an acceptable translation?


I was wondering that too. It gave me the option as a translation, but it doesn't accept it.


If it's accepting both precious and beautiful, it's not precise enough to leave out lovely, I say.


It gives lots of funny translations but doesn't seem to except them all. Usually it's safe to just go with the first one.


Is it actually polite to greet people like this? I think it's a bit weird....


This sentence is (was originally?) in the "flirting" section. I think it's supposed to be a sleazy pickup line.


To say this to a man would one have to gender-change "preciosa" to "precioso" or not? Why or why not?


What will be a Spanish girl's reaction if I walk up to her and say ''My Preciousss''?


She'd probably say "No comprende"... [stares in spanish]


I would say that this sentence is not merely for flirting. it is a quite common and colloquial way to greet people at least in Spain. My friends will greet me with "hola guapa" and there is nothing sexual or romantic about it. My mother also greets me like that.


So preciosa is used towards people while bonito is used towards things??


Not really, you can use both adjectives to describe people and things, you can say someone/something is "bonito/a" or "preciosa/o". It is a matter of choice


Preciosa is more of a noun. Bonito(a) is an adjective


what about darling


What's the difference between Hermosa and Preciosa?


From this discussion, http://forums.tomisimo.org/showthread.php?t=12834, it looks like "preciosa" is for the lovely/gorgeous meanings of "beautiful", and "hermosa" is for the handsome/fine/excellent meanings of "beautiful".

It's confusing when there's words that have a zillion synonyms in both languages, and there isn't an exact 1-1 match in meaning.

Google Translate is useful here. If you ask it to translate "beautiful" into Spanish, it will list all the possible Spanish translations, and for each Spanish translation it will list all the possible English translations. http://translate.google.com/#en/es/beautiful


I'm not a native English speaker but I would expect "Hello, beauty" to be a correct translation. Am I wrong?


It's not strictly correct, since "preciosa" is an adjective, and "beauty" is a noun.

Aside from that, I think it's very unlikely that anyone would say "Hello, beauty".


I have never heard "hello, beauty". If you were to use such a line, then "hello, beautiful" would be more common. (In UK and Ireland.)


Not unless they had a pet cat or dog or horse named Beauty.


Ok, something learned with respect to my English language skills! Thank you for the help!


It is permitted in English grammar to use a noun OR an adjective as an address, so grammatically, both are valid. "Beauty" can indeed mean something/someone that is beautiful, BUT, the usual saying is "hello beautiful".


Hello precious would be a direct translation and would be intimate (usually). Hello beauty(good looking), or gorgeous would be a pick up line. If you said"Hello Precious" to some one you didn't know they wouldn't let you buy them a beer and might call over a bouncer


I always that preciosa was precious?


It is. It can mean precious or beautiful.


You've really got to love the other choices in the selection part. "Hello, chinese" is hilarious.


As is "Hello, wooden." shiffl (slams head into floor from laughter)


I'm gonna start using that now XD ¡Hola Chino!


When I spent time in Mexico they called me chino for my curly hair. Made no sense to me, but apparently the word has multiple meanings.


My father is from Colombia and he uses chinito/chinita like niñito/niñita

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