"Nie interesuje nas kariera inżyniera."

Translation:We are not interested in a career in engineering.

January 17, 2016

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    This sentence in English seems a bit unnatural. Perhaps "a career in engineering" or "an engineering career" would work better here.

    The reason I ask here, is cause I'm not sure if I'm misreading the English, as it could have a few different meanings. (Initially I thought it was about some bosses not caring about their engineer's plight!)


    This sentence is ambigous but "a career in engineering" is more probable.


    “A career in engineering” seems good. Thanks, I have updated the correct solution.


    "an engineering career" is flagged as containing a typo. "a engineering career" is incorrect.


    Fixed now, thanks.


    Is there any way it could be phrased with "nie jesteśmy zainteresowani"?


    Sure. "Nie jesteśmy zainteresowani karierą inżyniera" (Instrumental).


    A career as an engineer?


    Just tried this and it was marked as wrong.


    How about “A career in engineering does not interest us”


    OK, added.


    Nie można imputować literówki, jeżeli nie me odpowiedniego przycisku


    To znaczy jakiego?


    Is "nas" accusative or genitive here?


    It's Genitive here because of the negation, but normally "interesować" (to interest someone) takes Accusative.


    are there any other verbs that take the Intrusmental case when using its reflexive form, and the Accusative (or Genitive) otherwise?


    There surely are, but it's hard to find a list, I think...

    What comes to my mind is "nudzić się" (czymś): "Szybko nudzę się nowymi hobby" (I am quickly bored with the new hobbies), but "Nowe hobby szybko mnie nudzą" (New hobbies quickly bore me).


    Is there a difference in meaning between this and the reflexive form? Like "nie interesujemy się karierą inżynieria"?


    I am confused about "Nie interesuje" meaning "We are not interested". Shouldn't that be "Nie interesujemy"?


    No, it's a different construction than the one English uses. It literally translates to "a career as an engineer does not interest us". It is actually the same in Italian ("non ci interessa una carriera da ingegneri") and possibly even other languages. In this construction, it is the subject of the sentence that interests you, not you who are interested by the subject - but as you can see, it works in English as well, as with "the subject of the sentence interests you" I just used the very same construction, it's just that it is probably less commonly used in English.


    Czy w tym przypadku można uczyć dopełniacza? Chodzi mi dokładnie o ,carrer of enginering, lub engineering's carrer,


    Nie, obawiam się, że żadna z tych opcji nie pasuje.

    "career in engineering" jest gramatycznie dosyć inne od polskiego tłumaczenia. Dosłownie to raczej "kariera w inżynierstwie".

    Akceptujemy też "engineering career" ("kariera inżynierska"), "career as an engineer" ("kariera jako inżynier") oraz "an engineer's career" (tutaj jest dopełniacz, ale przy słowie 'inżynier', a nie 'inżynierstwo').

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