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  5. "Como você mostra respeito?"

"Como você mostra respeito?"

Translation:How do you show respect?

January 17, 2016



Is there a middle voice in Portuguese? The English sounds like it really means that, and to my Spanish speaker ear the Portuguese here sounds like it would be asking how the specific person you're talking to shows it.


This possibility exists: "Como se mostra respeito?" ("How does one show respect?" is probably the best translation although it is far from literal.)

  • Salute
  • Do not talk about certain subjects with someone who can't handle it
  • Do not insult people's beliefs, looks,...
  • Do not show you're bored or disgusted by someone
  • Make strong and durable relationships


Another question about articles; Why is this question "como voce mostra respeito?" correct without an article...but the sentence "ele nunca perde a esperanca" is not correct without an article? At least this is what Duolingo is teaching.

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