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  5. "Whose vegetables are these?"

"Whose vegetables are these?"

Translation:Чиї це овочі?

January 17, 2016



Hi. I did not understand why the correct answer is чиї це овочі and not чиї ці овочі. Дуже дякую!

[deactivated user]

    They mean the same thing, but they differ in the grammatic structure. «Це» is a free-standing pronoun, while «ці» is a modifier to «овочі». Here's a graphical scheme:

    • In Чиї це овочі? 'Whose vegetables are these?', це is a free-standing pronoun, the subject, and овочі is the predicate (чиї is the modifier for «овочі»).
    • In Чиї ці овочі? 'Whose are these vegetables?', овочі is the subject (ці is the modifier of овочі), and чиї is the predicate.

    The grammatical structure is a bit obscured because we move the question word to the beginning of the sentence.

    Grammatically, «чиї» works as an adjective (however, it's not placed before noun because it is a question word and goes in the beginning). Like an adjective, it can:

    • modify a noun (as in Чиї це овочі, it modifies овочі), or
    • it can stand on its own (as in Чиї ці овочі?, it doesn't modify anything). You can think of it as of an adjective with a noun omited: Чиї ці овочі? = Чиї [овочі] ці овочі? 'Whose [vegetables] are these vegetables?'

    I hope this explains why «Чиї це овочі» = 'Whose vegetables are these?', and «Чиї ці овочі» = 'Whose are these vegetables?".


    I understood! I am studying hard ukrainian! I like It! Дуже дякую!


    Thank you so much for that amazing explanation. :)

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