January 14, 2013



Is there a more informal way of saying "Hello" in German? I almost never say "Hello" in English and instead say "Hi". I know "Hallo" can be translated as "Hi" btw.


You can go less formal if you know the local customs. In Hamburg for example, you could say "Moin!" or "Tach" (local dialect for "Guten Morgen" and "Guten Tag". Or just say "Hi".


That's exactly what the German descendants of my region in Brazil would say: ''Moin''.


Drop the 'n' and you're greeting in Finnish (Moi!) :)


Can anyone the differences between standard German, and German from Köln, Berlin, Bavaria, Hamburg, or Swabia?


    Not in the space offered by a comment on Duolingo :) Start a discussion in the general forum if you like.


    Do we have something like stress or syllables in German like what we see in Spanish or not?


    Yes, there are stressed syllabes, like in English, but I would be interested if someone could explain the rules, as they don't appear on Duolingo.


    How do we turn back on the microphone?


    In my case Duo said that in an hour it will be turned back on. But bye then I will be back on the road again.

    So does anyone have a suggestion on how to turn back on the AUDIO feature?


    When the microphone image shows up, are we supposed to click on it and to repeat the German or are we supposed to say it in English? If German, then my microphone isn't picking it up and it's annoying. I checked all my settings and it should be good to go and the mic is hearing me when I test it; am I just saying the wrong thing? I click the mic icon in Duo, wait about 0.2 seconds until the stop button (square) shows so I know it's recording, say the phrase in German, then click the square. I'm confused.


    Seems like people are saying Hallo is as short/informal as it gets, but does anyone know if people in germany typically just say "hi" in english since I know some non-english speaking countries do.


    Yes, younger people will also say hi (even less informal than hello). I seldom use it and my parents wouldn't use it at all.


    ohh my audio was missing and i dont hear it

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