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Which gender to use when talking about generic animals?

When to use “gato” and when “gata” when we are talking about a generic cat without its gender known or specified? And how it is with other animals in this lesson? These things vary across languages.

February 14, 2012



You would normally use the masculine gender.


just like talking about humans it is always male unless otherwise specified. if there is a group and all are female except for one then is is "gatos" (male cats) hope that helps


Maybe not a useful answer for the specific question but, I recommend just going with your gut and reading the reactions of the people you're talking to. Sometimes things are best worked out in conversational settings.


in spanish you would normally use the masculine gender for plural when the plural is all masculine or mixed... if plural only excists of females it is obvious ... example a class full of boys and girls would be specified as los niños


No matter what, a generic animal or thing is always male. A group of males and females always take the male gender. 10 females+ one male = male gender. Same applies to humans

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