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  5. "On nie jest dzieckiem."

"On nie jest dzieckiem."

Translation:He is not a child.

January 17, 2016



When you negate the verb to be, while equating one object with an other, why does the negative genative not take precedent?

Why does "On nie jest dzieckiem" have the noun dziecko decline in the instrumentative case rather than the genative "dziecka"?


Polish uses instrumental with copulas. You can read about it here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Copula_%28linguistics%29#Slavic

Switch in negative sentences occurs only from accusative to genitive..


So być will still always use the instumental case even in negation?


To the best of my knowledge, only Dopełniać (Genitive) reflects negation.


Yes, but it applies only to transitive verbs which connect with Accusative. "Być" is not a transitive verb and connects with nouns in Instrumental. "On nie jest chłopca" would mean "He (it) is not boy's" (He (it) doesn't belong to a/the boy) so the meaning would be completely different.

BTW, it is "dopełniacz".


Yeah, I could/should have gotten that right. I was being lazy :)


ok thank you both! I hope to understand what you mean here ^^ someday :) haha


Why the downvote?


I upvoted, but I'm not sure why others downvoted. Maybe because of the phrase "reflections negation"? I can't understand it, and I'm pretty sure that it's bad English grammar. :) But I did understand the overall meaning of your comment.


On nie jest dzieckiem, on jest kotem!


Si! Lui e un gatto! ...ohwait...


Wrong (phone) number ;) And it's technically "Lui è un gatto". :) ...Y el es un gato. Et il est un chat. E ele é um gato. И я кот. Вадик, do you have anything to add? :P


But i guess if i can learn polish i can learn any language


Would be better if jest and nie was the other way round, but then again that's the polish language


"On jest nie dzieckiem" would be something like "He is a not-child"... actually worse, because the English is at least kinda grammatical here. You have to negate the whole idea of 'being a child', not just 'child'.

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