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Speaking parts freeze

Hello, I'm learning French in Duolingo on my Mac. Occasionally, the speaking parts get frozen. This happens after I've recorded myself, and I can even play my recording back with no problems, or record again over the existing one. It just refuses to check my recording, giving me no feedback at all. This forces me to either disable the microphone and reactivate it later, or to lose a heart. Is anyone familiar with this problem? Does anyone know how to solve it?


December 18, 2013



This happens to me as well, I was just at the end of a lesson, had recorded several phrases that were all checked, but then it suddenly stalled and wouldn't check the answer, even though it had been recorded as normal. It's not the first time this has happened to me recently, but it's a little annoying as it was the last answer in the lesson and I'm not very pleased with having to start over from the beginning...


I am learning french too..also having trouble with the speaking part, checked my mic and it works fine, but Duo lingo cant seem to hear me


Update..if the red wavy doesn't appear when you speak then the mic is not being accessed by duolingo...for me i had to 'allow' duolingo access to my mic..it was a small pop up at the top of the screen asking me to allow (had not noticed it before) hope this helps someone :-)


Happens to me too on the German lessons. No idea why. Might be due to wireless networking.




I have checked my microphone which works on windows audio recording but Duolingo (French) cant hear anything.


I've been having this problem too, in German and Spanish. I noticed it happened to me on very short answers, like « der Tee ». It's as if the recording is so short that the app thinks nothing has been recorded. Just wanted to add that, in case that helps to solve the problem.


i am having a similar problem. In german, Duolingo doesn't record my voice, and my microphone works, so no idea what, someone of Duolingo recommended me to install Adobe Flash Player. I did that but didn't work. so no idea what to do, i can't continue learning due to this, is really annoying. Some help!!!


experiencing the same issues over here. probably some website managers should really fix this problem, since it's been stated almost a year ago and still no improvement has been recalled so far, apparently. it's such a shame that I always have to refresh the whole session and lose my half-way progress because the software got stuck. Duolingo, wake up!!!!!!!


I have this problem on my Mac. I find that if I click in the "I don't want to use a microphone" box, and then "Continue", I don't lose all my progress. I then go to settings and reset the "use microphone" setting.

Not a solution, but a workaround.

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