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"Çok güzel olduğunu biliyor musun?"

Translation:Do you know that you are very beautiful?

January 17, 2016



thank you duo you are very beautiful too lol


Why is do you know that she is very beautiful accepted?


Do you mean Why is "do you know that she is very beautiful" not accepted? -- It would be Onun çok güzel olduğunu biliyor musun?"


Does it have to have the extra "onun"?


not necessarily; grammatically the sentence is ambiguous and it could have been her/his/your.

But we would almost always include the information if we are not referring to the same person and would say "Onun çok güzel olduğunu biliyor musun?"


If you say "çok güzel olduğunu biliyor musun", you can mean "do you know that you are very beautiful" or "do you know that he/she is very beautiful?"


Thank you so much Super_Nerd :)


It would be really helpfup if this section had an explanation, because the translations on the individual words aren't the most helpful... ("olduğunu" = is/are)


If you use the website, there is a quite good one :)


How is olduğu conjugated for various pronouns? (Ben, sen, o, siz, biz, and onlar)

  • (Benim) olduğumu
  • (Senin) olduğunu
  • (Onun) olduğunu
  • (Bizim) olduğumuzu
  • (Sizin) olduğunuzu
  • Onların olduğunu / (Onların) olduklarını

You use possessive adjectives and suffixes for conjugating. (Viz, "Ben olduğumu biliyor musun?" etc. is incorrect. You must say "Benim olduğumu...".)

(Also, "Çok güzel olduğunu biliyor musun?" can mean both "Sen, senin çok güzel olduğunu biliyor musun?" and "Sen, onun çok güzel olduğunu biliyor musun?")

  • "Sen, senin çok güzel olduğunu biliyor musun?" = "Do you know that you are very beautiful?"

  • "Sen, onun çok güzel olduğunu biliyor musun?" = "Do you know that he/she/it is very beautiful."

It can be difficult to understand which a person means by saying "Çok güzel olduğunu biliyor musun?", but it changes according to contexts.


"Do you know you were very beautiful" is wrong??


I put in "Do you know that you became very beautiful" twice on this question... How would you say that?


that could be translated as "Çok güzelleştiğini biliyor musun?". "Güzelleşmek" means "to become beautiful"


Sen billersen cok guzel?


How to say: do you know that you have become very beautiful?


Do you know your being very beautiful? Is not oldugunu literally mean "your being?"


Is not oldugunu literally mean "your being?"

Literally, yes.

But your literal translation is not how we would say that in English.

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