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  5. "Benim cüzdanım onda."

"Benim cüzdanım onda."

Translation:He has my wallet.

January 17, 2016



This was very confusing at first - I kept thinking 'my wallet at ten'? and it didn't make any sense at all.


Its wrong to say he is my purse


Yes. This would mean O benim cüzdan(dır) ...


Could I also say "Onun cüzdanımsı var"?


No. You can't add a second possessive suffix after a first one - it wouldn't make sense. "His my wallet"? (Also, "-sı" is only used after a vowel. If you could use this suffix at all here, it would just be -ı, but note that cüzdanımı is just the accusative form of cüzdanım.)

Turkish distinguishes between having something as one's possession and simply having something in one's possession.

Benim cüzdanım var. = I have a wallet. (Literally "My wallet exists.") This means that the wallet is mine, I am the owner, regardless of where it is.

Benim cüzdanım onda. = He has my wallet. (Literally "My wallet is at him.") We know that the wallet is mine because of the suffix -ım. He currently has it - it's not his wallet though, so we can't call it cüzdanı ... it's my wallet.


''He has my wallet '' means in Turkısh ''o benim cüzdanım''

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