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  5. "Your child is drinking milk."

"Your child is drinking milk."

Translation:Wasze dziecko pije mleko.

January 17, 2016



Whats the difference between twoje dziecko and twoj dziecko


If you mean what is the difference beetween twój and twoje
twój is nominative masculine singular
twoje is nominative neuter (or nominative plural non masculine personal)

dziecko is neuter singular so it is twoje dziecko
syn (son) is masculine singuler so it is twój syn


Twoje is neuter. Since dziecko is a neuter noun, twoj must agree with it in gender. Hence, twoje. This is boggled my mind all day and recently clicked.


This is a system fault. I wrote "twoj dziecko". OK, that was wrong, I should have written "twojE dziecko". But the machine corrected me to PANSTWO dziecko. If it doesn't say whether the "you" intended is singular or plural, formal or informal, users should not be marked wrong for guessing the wrong one.


It was "państwA dziecko" :)

Well, I don't know why this one was suggested to you, anyway - as you said, you guessed wrong. And every option: singular or plural, formal or not, it a correct interpretation.

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