"How are you feeling today?"

Translation:Як ви почуваєтеся сьогодні?

January 17, 2016

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Why "Як ти себе почуваєш сьогодні?" is not correct?

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    It's correct, but please bear in mind that all the sentences in the course were added by hand, and sometimes the team members just overlooked some absolutely correct variants.

    Unfortunately, the team is not very active recently, so it's unlikely that these things will get fixed soon.


    It is accepted now. Just checked.


    I'm not sure why some Ukrainian conjugations have a "ся" ending.


    It is reflexive ending. Just like "I am teaching myself" - я навчаюСЯ, "you may cut yourself" - ти можеш порізатиСЯ. -ся is the short version of the reflexive pronoun себе. Like Polish się, German sich, French se.


    what is the difference between почувається and почуваєтеся?


    Він почувається - 3 pers. sing.

    Ви почуваєтеся - 2 pers. pl.


    What is wrong with "Як ти відчуваєш сьогодні?"


    Відчувати means to feel somebody or something. If you speak of e.g. your health, you must use почуватися, which is non-transitive, reflexive verb.

    Як ти відчуваєш сьогодні? is as if you had problems with touch senses, and you received your treating - so how can you feel today?

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