"W czerwcu piję wodę."

Translation:I drink water in June.

January 17, 2016

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But in October...


... pumpkin spice latte?


Piwo, Bier, Cerveja


What case do you use here? Locative? Sorry to bother you guys but i am trying to get along with the cases system and i have some issues ^^;


I thought it was genitive, because of the u ending... but I must be wrong


Genitive would be czerwcowi, W czerwcu is locative.


Thank you guys. So, for describing a place or a time in which the action is taking place i use the locative. Is it a fair synthesis? :D


With place, yes. With time every unit of time has its own thing . W+ locative is for months, and years. W+ accusative is for days of the week.

Na wiosnę (acc), w lecie (loc), w jesieni (loc), w zimie(loc) W dzień ( acc) w nocy (loc)


yes I think you are right. If you use "W" answering when? then anything longer than a day seems to be locative ( I guess a night is longer than a day), and a day is accusative,

Also we have w tydzień/w dzień/ w noc / w minutę (accusative) to describe amount of time. (Wybudowali to w dwa lata -they have buid it in two years- it took him two years to build it)

Keep in mind we still have "o", "na" "za" and instrumental


Thank you Immery. Let me recap to see if i get it right: I use [W+Loc.] for extended time frames and [W+Acc.] for smaller ones; is it correct?


Isn’t czerwcowi dative, and genitive would be czerwca, rather?


You're right, immery made a mistake in her comment.


Uh, I'm starting to worry about you, buddy. (Is it Paul?)


If he only drinks water in June, how can he survive?


maybe he drinks tea, or vodka.


or even beer

small beer

The history of small beer dates back for centuries

. In the days when sanitation was bad and water dangerous to drink,

small beer was served to servants, field workers, the poor, even the young

. The first runnings from a brewer's mash would go to a stronger beer, the second for ordinary beer.

A small beer, taken from a third running, was probably about 2.5% alcohol by volume.

Belgian monasteries, in particular, produced large quantities of small beer in the Middle Ages.


Love this random fact ! Ive heard about that , thank you keeping as sane in here :)


W czerwcu pije wodę - He/She/It drinks water in June

W czerwcu piję wodę - I drink water in June

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