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"Odpoczywamy we włoskim hotelu."

Translation:We rest in an Italian hotel.

January 18, 2016



Why would "We are resting at the Italian hotel" be wrong?


"We are resting" would be much more usual. "We rest" implies a repeated activity which seems unlikely in this case.


That is why I asked the question. It does seem more usual to me.


Under what circumstances would an English speaker say this specific sentence though? This translation seems too literal. I'd translate this as relaxing/vacationing/taking a break, because that's the gist of the Polish sentence. (Also, you can rest "at" as well as "in" a hotel. But your system only accepts "in".)


Added "at".

I guess you're right, it's not exactly natural in English, but all your translations are different verbs. I'd say that this is one of those sentences in which you can't be natural in both languages, given how Duolingo works.


Is this how people would actually say that they are staying in a hotel? If not how would it be?


Can't odpoczywamy also be translated to we relax and not only we rest?


I think that I accepted it in some sentences, but the more I think about it, the more I think that I shouldn't have. They are just different verbs. "to relax" is "relaksować się". So "Relaksujemy się we włoskim hotelu."


This is just not any sort of English sentence. What would "We are staying at an Italian hotel" be?


[Zatrzymujemy się/Wynajmujemy pokój/Nocujemy/Przebywamy] we włoskim hotelu.


Also just "mieszkamy" (we live there, even if it's for a short while) or even "jesteśmy".

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