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List of lessons created by duo users

Afrikaans lessons by nicovandiekaap1

1. Articles
2. Nouns
3. Adverbs and Adjectives
4. Conjunctions
5. Personal Pronouns

Ethiopia/Amharic Posts Directory by adamyoung97
(this is more to a language post but you can find Amharic lessons there. You can also learn Amharic directly from this website which is also by the same user)

Arabic lessons [MSA] by Taloua


Basque lessons by crush

Basque for your trip by Alec737

1. Say hello and introduce yourself
2. Traveling and accommodation
3. Ask questions and for directions
4. Getting help

Brezhoneg/Breton lessons by Azais

1. Pronounciation
2. Starting and Ending a Conversation

Bulgarian lessons by RhydianDavies

Intro 1
Intro 2
Intro 3
Intro 4
Intro 5.1
Intro 5.2
Intro 5.3
Lesson 1
Lesson 2
Lesson 3
Lessons 4
Grammar: The verb "to be" Grammar: Intro to nouns
Grammar: Noun Plurals
Basics: Pronunciation - Vowels (ooh's and aah's)
Basics: Pronunciation - Consonants, Round 1
Basics: Bonus Material - Writing your name in Bulgarian
Basics: Pronunciation - Consonants, Last Call

Cherokee lessons by

Syllables part 1
Syllables part 2
Basics 1
Basics 2
Phrases 1


How to write your name in Cherokee
North America and Central America in Cherokee
More places (Europe)
Expectations of a Cherokee (part 1/3)
Expectations of a Cherokee (part 2/3)


The Cherokee syllabary

Croatian lessons by RogueTanuki

Finnish lessons by FinnishMetalHead and posted by cloud_eight
(the lesson pages somehow doesn't work..)

Slow Finnish lessons by Zzzzz...

Georgian lessons by Tamuna10 and posted by asawp

Greek Discussion Directory by panagiotists13
(another language post but you can find Greek lessons there)

Greenlandic: basics by skuggstralar

Hawai'ian: A brief introduction by adamyoung97

An introduction to Inuktitut by foroyskt

Japanese lessons by Demon-Kiyomi

Korean 101 by NeonDragoness

The Hangul Alphabet
Rules of Bat-chim part 1

*Latin lessons by carpelanam

Latvian lessons by Verner5

Vocabulary 1

Lithuanian Basics Directory by Pinefrost

Macedonian lessons by mnedelkovska

*Maltese Discussions Directory by [StrapsOption]/StrapsOption)
(Another language post but you can find Maltese lessons there)

Mandarin lessons

M's Chinese Course: Directory by m.tastic
Introduction and Table of Contents by Neptunium

Nahuatl lessons by NukuchAjau

Serbian lessons by Marko195

Pronouns 1
Pronouns 2

*Tagalog lessons by Poluglottos_

Basics 1 Skill

(I think there's supposed to be one/few more Tagalog lessons but I couldn't find it @_@)

*permission is not yet granted (pending)
(I don't think I'll ask any permissions after this (especially the ones from wiki) as I don't have a lot of free time now..)

Please do tell me in the comments below if I have missed anything or if anyone is making new lessons (preferably the link to the "table of contents" or "list of lessons" page) ^^

Happy learning! o/

January 18, 2016



Awesome list, thanks! You should add these amazing Maltese discussions, though.


Done, I've added it ^^ thank you and you're welcome!


Cool. It is not entirely up to date, though.


Anyone can edit it. I'm now thinking I could copy my notes there, it will be easier to find than a random Google Spreadsheet.


That is a good idea. :)


Thank you!! Didn't know wiki has them O_O I'll add them soon (but not all, it depends) ^^


Done, I've added it! ^^ thank you!!

I can't wait for Greek to come out XD I'll start learning Greek through your lessons soon ^^


duoGood luck learning Greek!!! :Dduo


Hehe thank you! Love the gif XD


Thanks for the post. Very useful.


No prob and happy learning! ^^

Btw, what language course is the red and yellow stripes flag? I don't think I've seen it before o_o


Catalan! You can currently learn it from Spanish.


Oh! I've heard about that course but this is the first time I've seen anyone learning it (and of course, I didn't know how the flag looks like), thank you for the info! XD


Hi, I noticed something wrong with the first one: the lessons have disappeared. The page with all the lessons is still there but the lessons don't exist. What is this?
Am I the only one?


I can't see them either. As if their creator deleted them - that would explain why the list is still available, it has been created by another user.


Now I get it: mister teacher has deleted his profile (I guess, the link to his profile leads to error 404 page) so that's why the lessons have also disappeared.


That is not true, he's only changed his username. That's why the old username does not work anymore. But that happened weeks ago and the posts were still active yesterday (someone posted comments on a few of them).


Thank yooouuuuuuuuu so much ^-^


You're welcome and happy learning! ^^


Thank you for doing this!


Thanks for adding it!


No prob and thank you! ^^


RhydianDavies has posted a lot of lessons on Bulgarian. He is fluent in both Bulgarian and English, so, if you want to get permission from him to include his lessons in your directory, I would imagine that his discussions are excellent. This is his latest post.



Thank you, I've added it! I'll try to ask for permission from him if I have the time ^^


You're welcome!



Amharic Posts Directory with a few Amharic lessons (and a link to my website where you can learn Amharic)


Thank you, I've added it! ^^

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