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  5. "Et lille spejl."

"Et lille spejl."

Translation:One little mirror.

January 18, 2016



Et lille spejl... A little mirror. En lille spejl... One little mirror. Both interchangable. A little confusing, but understandable.


Yes. Usually, if you wanted to emphasize that you were talking about a single mirror, you would write 'Ét lille spejl' or (obsolete) 'Eet'.

In spoken language you stress the vowel more for it to mean one rather than a/an


Et lille spejl means both a little mirror and one little mirror and it is true that using ét lille spejl would be stressing that it is only one mirror. You can never say "en lille spejl" though.

When you are counting, one can be both en and et (Both "en, to tre, ..." and "et, to, tre, ..." are correct), and what you should use, depends on what you are counting, e.g. "en kat, to katte etc. " and "et hus, to huse etc."

When you are simply counting, but not counting anything in particular, I'd say its more common to just use "en" as one, but I might be wrong on that.

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