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"I am sorry."


January 18, 2016



Does przepraszam is also used to express, "excuse me' or "I beg your pardon"


In fact "excuse me" is more like przepraszam, and przykro mi is more suitable translation for I am sorry.


We say "excuse me" when inflict qestion, "I sorry" use at 'reason'. "Np. I sorry for my english. It is dificut."

Na zapas napiszę po polsku:
Polacy mówią excuse my kiedy zadają pytanie, i sorry używają przy "przycznie".


Pronounced Шепрашем?


It's Пшепрашам I think. "Prz" sequence present in some of our words is what has earned us the nickname Пшек (Пшеки in plural) among Russians.


I thought I read somewhere on Duo that P was silent in such spelled words in Polish? I absolutely do not hear the first P. This will be rough. haha

I hear a mixture of a Russian ш and щ .....

Thank you for your help.


I do hear a slight „P” here, but if you don't, then it's probably due to TTS shortcomings.

Perhaps you confused "silent p" with "devoicing of rz after devoiced consonants like p". In any case, „p” here should be pronounced.

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