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"Biz ağustosta güneşi görürüz."

Translation:We see the Sun in August.

January 18, 2016



Is the Sun not visible the other 11 months of the year .... Turkey must have some strange weather .... ;-)


Could this also be 'we will see the sun in august'? I am not quite sure how to tell regular aorist apart from the occasions where it indicates future.


Yes it could also mean that.

I had discussed the usage of aorist when indicating future in another topic. Check it out https://www.duolingo.com/comment/12706916


neden Ağustos'ta değil


I suppose you think that August is a proper name, since is is capitalized in English, and so it should be treated as a proper name in Turkish (capital A, apostrophe). Well, August is not a proper name – there is another August every year, and it is a kind of quirk that English capitalizes months (and days of the week), Turkish does not.

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