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"Do you like playing the guitar?"

Translation:Gitar çalmayı seviyor musun?

January 18, 2016



Probably a silly question but I'm a bit confused about the way you form an infinitive sentence. Is there any specific way to understand when to use the infinitive form ("mak"/"mek") and when to use the gerund?


Not a silly question! I think most people who have done this course probably still have the same question because there doesn't seem to be an adequate answer anywhere that I can find.


I just looked it up in my 2011 Grammar book "Turkish: An Essential Grammar" by Göksel and Kerslake. P. 254 ff. deals with it well. But it is much too complicated to deal with here. Best perhaps to model usage on examples given in Duolingo....who is doing his owlish best, but can really only give us the broad outlines:) I agree, this particular point is frustrating.


"gitarı çalmayı sevdin mi" - Is that OK or is it strictly for past tense? The reason I ask is that I notice quite often, Turkish uses past tense for liking things that in English we would use present tense. If you see what I'm getting at?


Your observation is true. But you would use the past tense when you see that someone recently started to play guitar and you ask them about their experience so far.

sevdin mi? -> about experience
seviyor musun? / sever misin? -> in general


"Gitar çalmayı beğendin mi?" Why is it wrong?


Cause that would translate into "did you like playing the guitar?"


why exactly does "gitar çalmak sever misin" not work?

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