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  5. "Widziałeś ducha?"

"Widziałeś ducha?"

Translation:Did you see a ghost?

January 18, 2016



it's illogical. Both grammatical constructions should be correct, as well as both words for duch= gost and spirit. Gost is more like in horror films, while spirit is more connected with religion and spiritual life


there is as well : w zdrowym ciele zdrowy duch, ktoś może mieć w sobie ducha walki, albo można go w nim próbować zaszczepić


Why isn't the imperfect verb "widzieć" here translated as "were seeing"? For example, in the sentence, "Were you seeing a ghost?". Would not "Zobaczyłeś ducha?" translate to "Did you see a ghost"? What am I missing here?


It's one of those weird pairs of verbs which don't really work the way you'd expect them... I'd say that "Widziałeś" and "Zobaczyłeś" mean more or less the same here.

"zobaczyć" has something from "to notice", though, its' more about the moment you saw the ghost.


Thanks for your input. Apparently the imperfect "widzieć" has taken over many of the perfect functions of the perfect " zobaczyć". Since "widzieć" has one less sylable, it's easier to speak - perhaps that the reason. I've noticed this phenomenon with a couple of other Polish verbs (sometimes, the reverse is true, a perfect form will take on the imperfect functions).

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