Translation:Ne zaman?

January 18, 2016



What is the difference between ne zaman and ne zamanın?


Literally "what time?"


Yes, that would be it literally, but you have to be careful about some small details. "What time" in English is a quite specific question asking at what time in particular something is. "When" is more general.

If I say "What time is the concert," I would expect an answer like "It is at 7:00." This would be "saat kaçta" in Turkish :)

If you say "When is the concert," you could say "at 7:00" or "this evening." This matches up much more nicely with "ne zaman" in Turkish.

[deactivated user]

    Also yes :)


    And why it told me ne vakit ?


    "vakit" and "zaman" mean the same, but "ne zaman?" is the generally used question.

    I have yet to hear a Turk say "ne vakit?"

    On the other hand more people are likely to say "vaktim var" for "i have time" instead of "zamanım var".

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