"Ne zaman ve nasıl?"

Translation:When and how?

January 18, 2016

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Literally "what time and how?"


I wrote this to you before, but I will repost what I wrote for other people to see.

"that would be it literally, but you have to be careful about some small details. "What time" in English is a quite specific question asking at what time in particular something is. "When" is more general.

If I say "What time is the concert," I would expect an answer like "It is at 7:00." This would be "saat kaçta" in Turkish :)

If you say "When is the concert," you could say "at 7:00" or "this evening." This matches up much more nicely with "ne zaman" in Turkish."


What "Ne" mean? I was think it mean "what"


That's right. So "ne zaman" means, word for word, "what time" - but is used not for asking for a time of day but for "when", in general. See AlexInNotTurkey's comment above.

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