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"What does your future husband do?"

Translation:¿Qué hace tu futuro marido?

January 14, 2013



Why does futuro come before marido in this sentence?


I don't think it should. As I understand it, the adjective precedes the noun if you were answering the question, "which husband?" Tengo dos gatos blancos. Pero, tenemos cinco gatos. El blanco gato es el mas grande.


Mismo a marido... creo que


I think in general using an adjective before the noun in spanish gives it emphasis, and also there are certain adjectives that are more frequently used before the noun, such as primero, malo etc. But does anyone know a good reason why 'futuro' is used before the noun in this case here? Maybe to distinguish her future husband from the current one? :-)


In this sentence, is futuro more important than esposo ? esposo futuro vs futuro esposa


I think 'esposo futuro' should be accepted as well.


Puede means he can do something, hace means to do it. Puede would essentially make it mean "What is your future husband able to do?"

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