"We love it!"

Translation:Kochamy to!

January 18, 2016

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In this context whats the difference between tego and to?


In this context "it" is action or a feeling not a actual thing/person.

Kochamy je/go Would be I love it(neutral nouns)/him (masculine nouns)


Perhaps i am sleepy, but it seems to me that something is wrong with this answer


True, the translation was very literal and would work only in very limited contexts.

This sentence is deleted from the course now.


but i meant immery's answer. Reading all these discussions I better and better understand how difficult Polish is for non Slavic people.And that it is not easy to teach and explain it. You are doing very good job here.


I actually think her answer was ok, apart from some missing commas which made it harder to understand. Anyway, the sentence itself was weird in Polish.

Thanks for your kind words, appreciate it :)


Marek, you commented that this sentence was deleted, I'm still getting it though (august '16) and I'm confused. I answered 'kochamy je', but this is wrong. Why? I could love an egg/jajko can't I?

(Thanks by the way for the earlier comments, they did help me a lot)

Second question: is jego and go the same, just shorter?


this sentence had so many possible translations, they decided to remove it from the course, now AFAIK there is no way to change accepted answers.

Kochamy to/je/ją/jego/go should be all good depending on what "it" means.

(the most reasonable sentence for "kochamy je" is talking about one's unborn child).

go/jego/niego are genitive= accusative forms of "on", and genitive versions of "ono".

they have the same meaning, but

"go" can only go in unaccented position, it can't be at the beginning of the sentence, or after preposition and it can be at the end only if there is no other place to put it.

"jego" is accented, it can be put almost anywhere, but puts more stress on the word.

"niego" goes after preposition.


Thanks immery, you are a big help.

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