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Report function, how and when to use it

Hi all teachers and educators! I'm a course contributor, and a lot of my time lately has been dedicated to skimming through innumerable reports that are for the most part, at best useless, and at worst vulgar and insulting.

I noticed a surge in such reports in the last month or so.

I have no mean to know who these reports come from, and I in no way presume that they come from students or any other type of user.

Reports on sentences can be a very effective way to better the courses, but they can also drag contributors who can't spend their precious, unpaid time to make genuine improvements to the courses.

I'd be glad if you instructed your students to take this feature seriously. If they believe there is an error in a sentence, they should first check the discussion of the sentence to see if someone explained why their proposition is right or wrong (if they have access to it), or ask you before making a report, if they aren't quite sure.

Free write reports don't give us the answer they wrote, all we get is what they type in the box, and the sentence they sent it from (the question), so they should write precisely what they thought should be accepted (or what seems wrong in the sentence).

There is no way to know who sent a report, and even less answer to it. If they ask us a question in a report, we can't answer back! They should write it in the discussion instead (or ask you). And if you (or they) really need to contact a course contributor and want a reply, find one in the course page in the incubator and write it directly on their activity stream.

There's nothing we can do about technical problems (like a microphone not working). These should be first checked in the help section of the site, then written in the troubleshooting forum or sent to support using the appropriate form (or reported to you, and you can forward it to the appropriate recipient).

Finally, I strongly encourage you to read the help section and the forum guidelines (if your students use it) yourselves. Then make sure your students know how to operate the website and/or app and where they should report each type of problem they can encounter while using it.

January 18, 2016


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