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"Mis padres me dieron aguinaldos en Nochebuena."

Translation:My parents gave me presents on Christmas Eve.

December 19, 2013



"Christmas box" is a hint, but it doesn't work. I googled Christmas box, and it took me to a wikipedia article on Boxing Day, "when servants and tradesmen would receive gifts from their bosses or employers, known as a 'Christmas box'" That explains the connection to the bonus. Still it would be nice if "present" was listed in the hints.


I do not understand why you can not say they gave " me christmas presents" instead of just :"me presents"


Now accepted June 20, 2017.


it rejeted me saying 'fathers' instead of 'parents' smh


that ought to be reported, there is nothing incorrect about having two fathers.


Does aguinaldos ever mean Christmas carol? It's listed as one of the hints but its got a ≈ in front of it and I really don't know what that is suppose to mean.


The ≈ in my dictionary means an approximate definition. the "Christmas carols" definition is approximate and dialectical (so says the dictionary) to Venezuela. The other definition my dictionary lists is the same as the hover which says "Christmas box." However, Duolingo rejects this as a translation.

This one's a crap shoot for sure. I've been doing this section regularly since before Christmas and this is the first time this one has turned up.


My grandma said it is in Puerto Rican dialect.


Once again... you don't know something and you just can't TRUST the hovering...


I am wondering if 'aguinaldos' is actually used to mean gifts? Can a native spanish speaker or well versed person please tell me. As aguinaldos definitely is used to mean bonuses for employees I was wondering if perhaps it is used more commonly to refer to 'gifts of money' even if from family members……….


This section could definitely do with a comment from a native speaker. It would appear that "regalo de Navidad" or just "regaldo Navidad" means "Christmas present". I can find plenty of examples of those terms being used in that way but not one example of "aguinaldo" being used to mean "Christmas present". "aguinaldo" seems to mean money for Christmas, not presents.


I cross referenced the pro'offered word choices with wordreference for the correct translation and they were the same. So why can´t I choose to use ¨tip¨if that is one of the choices? It seems like a big flaw with the system if the correct choice doesn´t correspond with the hovering choices.


My dictionary says that an aguinaldo is a christmas gift so why does "My parents gave me Christmas presents on Christmas eve" not work?



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