"Też tu jestem!"

Translation:I am here too!

January 18, 2016

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I put 'I am also here' for the translation into English. It rejected it. Can you explain why, please. Thanks.


What is the difference between też and zbyt?


'też' means 'as well'

'zbyt' means that there is an excess of something (e.g. 'Jest tu nas zbyt dużo' - 'There are too many of us here')


They both translate to the Englisj word 'too'

But the word too has two different meanings.

1) Also/as well 2) Excessively


1) I am tired too 2) I am too tired

So 1 would be też And 2 would be zbyt


Is it always used in the beginning of the sentence?


No. In fact, it's 'after the subject' here, because you can treat it as "Ja też tu jestem!" Another common option would after a verb: Zrobili też zupę.


I'm not Polish, so I wouldn't know, but doesn't it seem strange to have a sentence with such an emphasis on the subject and yet keep it implicit?


Answering: no ;)

Sure, "Ja też tu jestem!" sounds perfectly natural to me as well, but the sentence here is also good.


What's the difference between tu and tutaj?


I only see one small difference: if you ever want to put "here" at the end of a Polish sentence (which we do not recommend, such an emphasis will rarely be natural), then at least use the longer "tutaj". Other than that, they seem perfectly interchangeable.


What does the "tu" in this sentence mean?


Does this mean "I am in one place, but also here in this place", "You are here (talking to someone), but I am also here" or can it mean both?


"You are here, but I am also here".

Although I imagine this rather as "Stop talking only to my brother, I am also here! This is just rude!".

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