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  5. "Dlaczego sprzedają tę lampę?"

"Dlaczego sprzedają lampę?"

Translation:Why are they selling this lamp?

January 18, 2016



They used their third wish to set the genie free and now it's just a lamp but they need the money


I have never seen a person selling a lamp


Why is it te lampe and not ta lampe?


Accusative form of "ta" is "tę", despite many natives using "tą".

It's very easy to remember actually: tę lampę (Accusative) vs tą lampą (Instrumental).


So is it also correct to use here "tą" ? (even it is feminine noun ?) Thanks.


'even'? "tą" would be used exactly because it's a feminine noun because it's a feminine form. For Instrumental ;)

Let me put it this way: as we are teaching Polish here, we have to be harsh and consider it incorrect. However, an average Polish person wouldn't bat an eye if you used it. Especially that you're a learner. Using "tą" in Accusative may be the single most common mistake Polish people make when speaking their own language.

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