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"По-моему, это неправильный ответ."

Translation:I think it is the wrong answer.

January 18, 2016



I think the answer is wrong. What's wrong here?


You didn't translate "это" - you left out a word in your translation.
Your answer also changes an attributive adjective into a predicative adjective, which suggests that "По-моему, ответ - неправильный" as the translation for your sentence.


There should be no dash between the subject and the predicate if the latter is an adjective. In a formal language, you can also say, «Этот ответ неправилен», using the short form of the adjective. But the most common expressions are «Ответ неверный», «Это — неверный ответ» and «Этот ответ неправильный»


I believe по-моему can very well be in my view..


"In my view" = на мой взгляд is more formal than по-моему (=I think / I believe), although they mean the same thing


Curious why "In my opinion, that answer is incorrect" is wrong.


Well, it isn't; although, perhaps, it is slightly less common.


I believe there is a very slight difference between the two: the word order is different. Это непрвавыибный ответ = 'that is an incorrect answer.' 'That answer is incorrect' would be Это ответ - неправилбный.


One can also say "неверный ответ" . In this case, неправильный and неверный are interchangeable.


why is "I don't think that's the right answer" wrong? ):


In Russian, the verb думать (or its synonym полагать) is rarely put in the negative form when it is followed by a subordinate clause. E.g. “I don’t think he is right” = «Я думаю, [что] он не прав». «Я не думаю, что он прав» is not wrong, but sounds a bit weird. «Я не полагаю» is never used. English follows the opposite trend.


Неправильный means 'wrong'. Your version corresponds to the Russian "Не думаю, что это правильный ответ" (It could also be translated as "По-моему, это не правильный ответ", but this translation sounds confusing and therefore is never used).


yeah I figured that out after I commented... but thank you so much anyway!!!


Quite an appropriate sentence for Duo, isn't it? ;-) We must see that seventy times a day in the comments - at least implied!


Duo's answer "I think it is the wrong answer." is equal to "I think this answer is wrong."


"I think it is the wrong answer" is a strange formulation in English. If you are responding directly to someone's answer, you would say "I think that is the wrong answer" or "That answer is wrong". "It is the wrong answer" would only be used if there was some intervening conversation. "Why did you mark that wrong?" "Because it's the wrong answer."


"In my opinion" "In my view" "I think" -- all these should be accepted.


Why use "the" instead of "a"? There could be a lot of wrong answers.


i think using “a” would make the sentence more contextual, using “the” is more general and sounds more natural


I think the answer is wrong should also be accepted


I think is думаю, по-моему should be in my opinion or something. translating по-моему as I think is very confusing. (in my opinion)


«По-моему» is in the same register as “I think”, whereas “In my opinion” is quite formal.


Хочешь пользоваться 50 на 50, звонок другу...?


in my opinion this is a wrong question / was not accepted


Ответ is not ‘question’ but ‘answer’.


I think this answer is wrong... Not accepted... Seriously?


The problem is in the phrasing. There is no predicate adjective in this sentence, but rather, an attributive adjective (one that precedes and modifies the noun). The second part of your sentence 'this answer is wrong' would correspond to это ответ - неправыльный. But the sentence as given is Это неправыльный ответ, which literally means 'this/it is a wrong/incorrect answer.'

They ultimately have the same meaning, of course, but Duolingo is being very exacting about the translations in order to make sure we fully comprehend the grammar, word order, and sentence structure.


It should be I think it is a wrong answer

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How to say "I think this is the wrong answer"?


"I think this answer is incorrect." - rejected.


"According to me, this is an incorrect answer." should be accepted, as "According to me," has been accepted as a valid translation for "По-моему," in every other instance.

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