"Jaki chleb lubisz?"

Translation:What bread do you like?

January 18, 2016

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"What kind of bread do you like" might be a better translation.


"Which kind" would be good too


We prefer to be strict here and translate "which" to "który", as it suggests a closed set of potential answers.


I put "Which', instead of "What". I think the meaning is the same.


I think który would be a more exact translation for which.
What/Jaki = what bread, in general, do you like? What kind/type of bread?
Which/Który = you have to choose one bread from a group of them, for example in a shop


"Jaki" could be translated as "what kind of".


You're right. Strange that I didn't use this translation. I'll add it to my comment, thanks.


Beautiful response this honestly warmed my heart


I translate this as 'which' as well. If you must use 'what', it would be 'what type'.


what type of bread - doesn't work, I believe it should


Jaki, jaka, jakie, jacy... What's their difference and when do I use them?


If I remember right:

Jaki - masculine singular Jaka - feminine singular Jakie - neuter singular, and plural (except masculine animate) Jacy - masculine animate plural

The words "want to be" jaky, jaka, jake, and jacy, just like any adjective. However, the rule of thumb is that wherever you would have "ky", you have "ki" instead, and wherever you would have "ke", you have "kie" instead.


I may be out of my depth here, but did you mean to say 'masculine-personal plural' (instead of animate)


Yes, you are right. 'animate' only matters in Accusative of masculine singular nouns.

'personal' matters for plurals in general. "jacy chłopcy" (what boys) but "jakie psy" (what dogs).


Why is Jaki and not Jak??? Thanks


"Jaki" (and its forms) is the 'adjectival' "what" (what kind of), "jak" = "how".


Can this be translated as "How do you like your bread?" That is a very natural way in which we would ask.


No, this is asking what type of bread you like, not the way you like it prepared.


Toasted, please. With lots of masło. Thank you.


Nie dzięki :((( hahaha


Made me laugh, gave lingot!


I answered as above, but wanted to answer: what kind of bread ....


I lost myself in the moment and literally wrote in the box the english translation to what i was hearing. In the app it tells you you wrote in English and gives you another shot, but on the web it tells you you got it wrong, but then tells you the exact translation I typed in. It would be good if it actually gave you a point anyway or gave a second shot. I'll try and report it anyway to show you.


I understand the rationale for the translation and the use of Jaki. But since the implicit translation is what kind OF, why isn’t Caleb genitive?


"Caleb" is probably what your autocorrect made from "chleb"? :D

Good question, I normally say that every "of" takes Genitive... and this one also does, in a way - if you translate the word "kind" literally into Polish. "Jaki rodzaj chleba lubisz?".

But as in English this can easily be just "What bread do you like?", it just uses "jaki", which acts like an adjective and therefore uses Accusative to match "chleb" (which takes Accusative because of the verb "lubić". It's just not visible because Accusative for masculine inanimate nouns is identical to Nominative).

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