"O traje"

Translation:The outfit

January 14, 2013

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I was asked to write this from audio before I had ever seen it written


This happened to me as well. I happened to guess correctly.


Knowing Spanish has made this really easy


Perhaps it is a test to see if we can discern new words from listening alone.

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    It's not too difficult because most Portuguese words are spelled just as they sound.


    This needs to be changed. maybe this is clutter, but it needs to be said till it is changed! The word for outfit was not given to me before this. How can I be expected to keep my 3 hearts and thus obtain the ever elusive free lingot?

    [deactivated user]

      Do you feel better now?


      I was marked correct with the suit BUT when I had to translate the suit to Portuguese it was marked wrong .It should have been TERNO Please get the facts correct it is either a suit or an outfit,


      I find the vocabulary rather confusing: too many outfits, costumes and clothes in general. Are there not more clear cut words or is it just that I'm not dressing formally enough for Duolingo. Maybe I need after all to buy that Gold suit outfit for 20 lingots...


      No new-word warning. Also, can't it mean also "the dress"?


      Nope. "The dress" would be "o vestido". "Traje" is a word used only for big occasion outfits (like tuxedos). If you wanna mean everyday outfit, you should use "roupa" instead.


      Whenever I have to translate 'the suit' into Portuguese (like when you choose 'a' or 'o' and then type out the word), I always put 'traje' and get it wrong, despite it saying that 'traje' also means suit.


      Traje = roupa = vestimenta


      why not 'uniform' .... any guidance on this?


      Uniform = uniforme


      They allow the translation of suit for traje in other sentences


      Um brasileiro ou portugês pode explicar como usar a palavra 'traje'? Significa roupa formal ou um conjunto de roupas? Pode signficar roupa de carnaval ou de uma festa com tema?


      Significa roupa. Não é uma palavra muito usada no Brasil, em Portugal talvez seja mais comum, não sei.

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