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  5. "Seus sapatos são brancos?"

"Seus sapatos são brancos?"

Translation:Are your shoes white?

January 14, 2013



"Your shoes are white?" is wrong.
Could anyone explain why?


It should've been accepted also.


couldn't correct answers also include "Are his shoes white?" and "Are their shoes white?"


Also correct: "Are her shoes white?"


You could say that if the context indicated we were talking about a third person (or people). But, as an isolated sentence, the most probable meaning is "Are your shoes white?".


"Are their shoes white" is valid, surely.


you can also say " his shoes are white?"


I was listening to this sentence (the exercise without any written words) and I didn't put the question mark at the end and I got it wrong. Is there something in this sentence that indicates it is a question and not the statement "Their shoes are white." ? Oops, just realized I spelled branco wrong... why I got it wrong... but still wondering about my question.


A question in Portuguese is often constructed from a statement followed by a question mark. To convey that you're asking a question you should use a rising intonation on the final word. Unfortunately, that important feature is often missing from Duolingo's audio.


Hello! Peço ao Duolingo que considere certas as respostas abaixo.

Significações possíveis em português, em função do possessivo "seus":

Você: Seus sapatos são brancos? Are your shoes white?

Vocês: Seus sapatos são brancos? Are your shoes white?

He, She: Seus sapatos são brancos? Are his/her shoes white?

They: Seus sapatos são brancos? Are their shoes white?


I thought Seus means their?

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