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Huge mistake in the vocabulary

According to the lesson report, there are several words that I "learned" but actually never appear on the lesson at all, someone should correct that.

December 19, 2013



We're looking into this, thanks for reporting! :)


I agree! In the third lesson, all my questions were about "Rentiere." But after the lesson was complete, it said I had also learned "Schlitten," "Stern," and "Schneeball," even though I didn't see any of those words at all. But it's fine, I already know those words anyway. :)


Ditto. Like Aelexk below the lesson was also about half the length they usually are. Thankfully I already know what sleighs, stars and snowballs are.


Those are exactly the words I missed in the lessons too!


I had to repeat the lesson multiple times in order to pass. It dropped an "e" on one word (I forget which} also, had very confusing translations, and very limited sentences - no variety. It was a very confusing lesson.


It seems to be fixed now. :o)


I noticed that too!! But they are actually like 1 or 2 words, the rest, well, remember some words can change according to the conjugation


Same thing happened to me. I noticed the third lesson ended too early. I think I was like 4 or 5 exercises in and then it ended.


I concur, was just surprised that I was supposed to have just learned few words I haven't seen in Duolingo...


I also learned "Stern" without it ever appearing ;-) Fortunately I already knew that word, from elsewhere, but this is silly.

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