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"Она встречается с моим братом."

Translation:She is seeing my brother.

January 18, 2016



She is dating my brother. Будьте любезны, добавьте к правильным ответам. Спасибо!

January 18, 2016


Why is "She meets my brother" wrong?

January 30, 2016


"She is meeting my brother (today/tomorrow)" can be right, but for regular meetings "встречается" means "is seeing/dating/going out with"

March 22, 2016


Given that this is the reflexive lesson for a second I read that as "she is seeing her brother" and was a bit concerned, but thankfully that was my bad.

June 24, 2017


Same, I heard "она встречается со своим братом."

October 15, 2019


Вообще в русском ничего не понятно у нас.Тут, вероятно, видится

May 13, 2018


It all depends on the context. Cf.: Она не часто видится с моим братом = She and my brother don’t see each other often. Завтра она встречается с моим братом. = Tomorrow she is seeing my brother. В последнее время она встречается с моим братом. = She has been dating my brother recently.

February 17, 2019


да, в простом понимании - видится. встречается- это уже более серьезные отношения

February 16, 2019


Она видит мой брат is the correct answer! I don't accept this terrible answer! Duolingo must stop inducing us to make mistakes, come on!

November 1, 2019


*«Она видит мой брат» is nonsense, because you cannot put the direct object of a transitive verb such as видит in the nominative case. The appropriate case for a direct object is accusative, which is identical with the genitive for singular masculine nouns such as брат. So, to make the sentence meaningful, we have to say, «Она видит моего брата». The problem, however, is that the meaning of that sentence differs from that of the given Russian sentence. «Она видит моего брата» means “She can see my brother [now]” unless you extend it by adding some words indicating frequency, e.g. «Она видит моего брата каждое утро». That will mean “She sees my brother every morning”. «Она видится с моим братом» means “She is seeing my brother”, so DL is absolutely right.

November 1, 2019
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