"She likes to dance."

Translation:Вона любить танцювати.

January 18, 2016

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I don't believe this. I put in "Vona lyubyt’ tantsyuvaty" and it said the correct solution was "Vona lyubyt’ tantsyuvaty" !!!!! Why did my answer not work? My answer was the "correct solution" and it said I had got it wrong and my answer was exactly the same as the "correct solution's" ! I have no idea WHY my answer didn't work.

Should I report this to Troubleshooting? Because I am VERY, VERY confused and even a little angry. One free lingot to whoever answers me... adequately.

Edit: Now I am very angry. For the tenth time I submitted the "correct solution" (Vona lyubyt’ tantsyuvaty) AND IT SAID. I. WAS. WRONG. This is a very big problem that I may be overreacting about, but it is frustrating.

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