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Help! I can't switch back to English!

I was logging in to Duolingo on my mobile and it gave me a range of options and I accidentally chose the wrong one (french learning english or something)

Now, the only language I can access is English (from French).

Firstly, how can I delete learning English from my profile?

Secondly, how can I add back all my other languages I was originally learning?

Thanks so much in advance!!

January 19, 2016

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Hi! Welcome in the French world ^^

I have not try Duolingo on mobile yet. I can advice you to go on a computer, then put your mouse on the flag of your language learning. Then, click on "Add a new Lesson". After that, you choose "I speak English", then you choose the french lesson or another lesson. And normally, you're back in English Duolingo ^^

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