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  5. I finished my French tree!


I finished my French tree!

October 18th to January 18th, 94 days!

Edit: Also, what about reverse tree? Anyone think that it is useful? Should I use it, or should I learn some listening skills because mine is very, very bad. :(

January 19, 2016



Great work! Check http://www.languagelinksdatabase.com/french/ for other free, French, language resources. You deserve some lingots my friend.


Merci beaucoup ! Aussi merci pour votre ressources, je crois qu'il va certainement aider !


Thank you for the link!


Thanks a lot for sharing this link. Good job!


congratulations J.Appleseed. Also thanks oxq for the link. The BBC one looks very good. Appreciate your help.


Good job! I just started! Wish me luck!


I tried the reverse tree, I just got tired of it because I had to switch interfaces and all that. I felt like for the work it took, I was better off trying to get more comprehension practice in. But to each their own.

My recommendation would be to keep up with the spaced repetition provided by Duo, then really focus on building those skills that consistently give you trouble (for example with me, the subjunctive).


D'accord. Merci pour votre suggestion !


Congrats. I am almost done with my tree. I don't see why you wouldn't want to continue to brush up on your skills to further cement them in you brain. I would also suggest that you listen to rfi.fr (french radio) to get you accustomed to natural french conversation. After a few months of daily listening you will begin to see your comprehension skills improve.

Now if you can give me some advice on where to brush up on some conversation skills, I will be in your eternal debt.

Bonne chance!


I love to listen to rfi.fr. It even has a studying channel. :)

I can't really help with conversation skills, but what I did is think in French. It's good :)


great job! I am also doing french and when you think about it is allot like spanish so if you no spanish that can be tons of help! like I said great job and congrats!


Really depends on how you learn :)




oh my gosh congrats!!!!!!!!


I don't know but you should try it! if you don't like it just stop! by the way CONGRATS


Bravo! I think anything you need more help with for now is something you should do before anything else, of course, you can do other things like reverse tree, but maybe wait and finish listening skills! ~<3


Congratulations. I can't comment on whether the reverse tree is useful or recommend how to improve listening because I haven't gotten there yet but I do have a plan.

I'm going to work on listening and pronunciation using the methods that Idahosa Ness recommends (and I may buy his french course): http://www.mimicmethod.com/

Also, I'm going to give a private teacher a try through italki.

I'm 80% done with the french tree now. I debating whether to push through and finish the french tree before starting in with italki or not. I'm leaning toward starting with the italki lessons now and finishing the tree in conjunction with the private lessons...


Thanks! Hope you succeed French course =)


congratulations!!! So proud of you!! I just get started :) wish me luck


Congratulation. I'm really happy for you. Have a nice day


Congratulations, and keep up the good work! I find that the reverse tree is really worth doing, especially the flashcards. Have a lingot.


Merci ! Thanks for the lingot =)


great work finishing your tree keep up the great work!


Wow! Félicitations! I hope I could finish mine soon :)


Merci ! Hope you have a good time studying French!


Wow, congratulations! That's pretty fast! Good luck with your continued learning. :)


Merci ! I will have to learn hearing skills, to make my skill useful :)


congratulations, :-) I haven't tried (FR => EN), but I'm learning French from German, this helps both. Perhaps, now that you are learning German, you can try learning German as a French speaker. Just a suggestion. :-)
Also practicing conversation is good. Reading interviews - because daily conversational words are used in them - also is a good practice.

keep up the great work :-)


Merci ! Thanks for the suggestion! I will definitely try that idea.


Félicitations! + The reverse tree is very useful imo it fills in some gaps that the original (EN -> FR) course didn't have. It really helps, especially if you want to know how to construct simple French sentences using proper grammar.


Félicitations ! Pour ma part, je crois que je ne vais pas terminer mon French Tree, au moins dans quelques mois, car j'apprends le russe, et je suis bcp obsédé avec cette langue.


Inquiéter pas, vous serez le leçon de français avec succès. :)


Could you pls tell me which is the correct translation into English for " Er wird sich anmelden"


"It will be announced"... I guess? My German is not that good...


moi aussi! ta-da!! (driving everyone in the house crazy with the task fanfares though....!!)


So awesome, Well done fellow unicorns <3


félicitations et bon continuation


le cheval mange ta pommes :D.............

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