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Translating doesn't work well in Chrome

When I try to translate documents in Chrome, I often get sent back a page, or cannot select words to edit. Works fine in Internet Explorer.

December 19, 2013



Can you give an example of one that doesn't work?


This happens on all of them, but I think I figured it out. It has to do with browser shortcuts and where your cursor is. If you move your cursor out of the text area, which I often do in order to read the text more easily, the area deselects, and you cannot type, and the moment you hit the backspace, it sets you back to the previous page. Kind of annoying, but possible to work around.


Thank you for the response. I don't think this is something on Duolingo's end.


I think this might be related, but now the backspace button doesn't work at all in chrome. I need to use the delete button to correct typing errors.

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