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  5. "Do you not like this shirt?"

"Do you not like this shirt?"

Translation:Nie lubisz tej koszuli?

January 19, 2016



I would have guessed that the genitive of koszula is koszuly. Is this an exception or do all feminine word ending in -la take -li as a genitive?


I really don't think that -ly ending exists. So yes, I guess that every -la will turn into -li.


Are the incorrect answers in the multiple choice questions supposed to all make sense? I got one that had "Czy ty nie ty tej koszuli?", "Do you not you this shirt?", would that be something you would say?


You'd have to be really drunk. It makes no sense at all.

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Having taken few other courses before - they don't. The other choices are either gramatically wrong, or - less often - meaning something else.


Why is this tej koszuli not tę koszulę?


"lubić" takes Accusative. "Lubisz tę koszulę".

When a sentence that took Accusative is negated, it takes Genitive instead. "Nie lubisz tej koszuli".


DL says that "Czy nie lubisz..etc" is incorrect. Is this grammatically incorrect?


Using "czy" but not the pronoun sounds rather unusual to me, but technically it's correct and people can say that. Anyway, it should have worked already, it's allowed.


I would say "Nie podoba ci się ta koszula?"... why is this wrong? :-\


"Tacy, taka, takich", these are all options when you hover over "like this". But they were never introduced before. I'm assuming we use these words the same way as "like"?


The fact that they are in the hints here is only accidental, they have nothing to do with this sentence. They are used for phrases like "I hate shirts like this one" (I hate such shirts).

It's a similar situation to when you see a hint "trochę" (a little, a little bit) for a sentence about "a little cat".

I see now in the Incubator that those hints are indeed higher than the ones that are actually applicable for this sentence... darn. I will show this example to the staff, hopefully we can figure something out, because that's really bad :/

EDIT: After a longer discussion about the way the hints work, I decided to change the hints in all sentences where "like this" means "such" or "this way" to include more words, so that no multi-part hint will be needed for "like this" (already included in the longer ones) and therefore no such wrong hint will be displayed in such a sentence as here.

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