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  5. "Я не вижу здесь синих птиц."

"Я не вижу здесь синих птиц."

Translation:I do not see blue birds here.

January 19, 2016



Why is genitive plural used with the object? Why not the nominative plural "Я не вижу здесь синие птицы?” ?


This is accusative plural. If you mean why does the accusative form match genitive rather than nominative, it's because птица is animate. The "animate accusative = genitive" rule doesn't apply to singular forms of feminine nouns, but it does to plural forms.


To be fair, I think синих птиц can be interpreted as genitive as well (genitive of negation). Cf: Я не вижу здесь синих карандашей. Я не вижу здесь синих машин. Я не вижу здесь синих [any inanimate noun] – all of them sound fine.


ahhh that's why I love Russian!


Кто? (Nominative case) Синие птицы. Я не вижу (кого? -Genitive) Синих птиц


Shouldn't "I don't see here blue birds" also be accepted? Or I'm lacking some English grammar?


In English the negative usually uses "any" ...I do not see any blue birds here" -which was marked correct. The translation, as it stands, leaves you up in the air and makes you ask: "If you did not see blue birds here, then what did you see?" Your translation would be improved by placing "here" either at the very beginning or at the end.


In English, an adverb (such as “here”) modifying the predicate (such as “see blue birds”) can't interrupt the predicate.


I guess you are, it sounds unnatural.


Why is "I don't see blue birds here" incorrect? I can't use "don't" instead of "do not?" I'm not wrong. Please fix it.


This ''correct answer'' is diffeent from the one in the lesson which has ''any'' . I was marked wront because I didn't use ''any''....inconsistent.


Why not 'I do not see here blue birds'?


Does this mean like the species bluebird or just blue birds in general?


With 'any', the sentence sounds much more natural.


Could you please make me an admin because it sure as hell doesn't seem like you all are doing anything? Are you even doing your job? No....no you're not.


I can't understand why is птиц plural, when птицы is plural?


"I don't see any blue birds here" sounds more natural.

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