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  5. "Kırmızı tava kimin?"

"Kırmızı tava kimin?"

Translation:Whose is the red pan?

January 19, 2016



Is it necessary to have "is it" at the end of this?


Well, there are a few ways to say this, but if you chose to say "Whose red pen is it?," you have to have it :)


That would be "O kimin kırmızı tavası?" though :(


I would actually probably translate that as "whose red pan is that?" but either way, we have a certain degree of flexibility in sentences with this structure.


Well I didn't actually mean that 'it' translated to 'o' so it'd be wrong to use it. I agree with you but sometimes you had better use 'o' in Turkish and sometimes you had better not. It depends on the circumstances, especially whether you point out something or not. That's why I actually wanted to omit it first but then decided that I should put 'o' to make the sentence sound more clear. Especially when there are ambiguities like 'kimin kırmızı tavası' without 'o' may also mean 'Whose red pan?' Either way I agree that 'o' is not necessary.

What I really meant above is that 'Kimin kırmızı tavası' and 'Kırmızı tava kimin' are slightly different structures although they may mean the same thing and 'Whose red pan is it' translates more to the former while the latter is the main translation. This might be because of the degree of flexibility that you have mentioned and then it's okay.


And how can I say: "Whose pan is red"?


"To whom is the red pan?" ... is wrong?

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