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Pay lingots for subtitling?

Although there are lots of episodes of the Güldür Güldür Show on Youtube I checked at http://www.turkcealtyazi.org/mov/9506294/guldur-guldur-show.html but I cannot find any Turkish subtitles for it.

So I am thinking of asking on the "English for Turkish Speakers" forum if any native Turkish speaker would like to transcribe some subtitles for lingots.

Does that sound a good idea to anyone else or should I just try writing a begging email to the TV channel?

January 19, 2016



That would be a great thing to do when a tree is completed, like all the wikipedia translating things


You could also ask for transcriptions at rhinospike.


Interesting site thanks but https://rhinospike.com/ seems to be for the reverse i.e. text to speech.


Primarily but not exclusively; you can choose whether to make a text to speech or an audio to text request. See e.g. https://rhinospike.com/script_requests/RhinoSpike_Help/13/ .


I would volunteer if it wasn't "güldür güldür". That Show sucks big time. Horrible jokes, horrible plays, horrible everything. Sorry.


Thanks mizinamo I have put it on rhinospike.com So Ektoraskan what TV show would you recommend for intermediate level? I had a look on dotsub but could not find any Turkish shows with Turkish subtitles.


Have a look at http://engelsiz.kanald.com.tr/ - it's the accessible website of Kanal D, and they have subtitles for everything there, for the benefit of the deaf and hard-of-hearing. (So you'll also get captions for things such as "(applause)" or "(music is playing)".)


Thanks very much I will give it a try. I will start a new discussion re this to avoid confusion.

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