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  5. "Écrivez la question."

"Écrivez la question."

Translation:Write down the question.

January 19, 2016



Why is this not imperative, please? Actually, is there somebody who would be kind enough to explain Imperartives, please?


It is imperative.

  • 2nd person singular (tu): écris !
  • 2nd person formal or plural (vous): écrivez !
  • 1st person plural (nous): écrivons!


Why is "-toi" or "-vous" not needed here, but it was needed in some other imperative sentences?


Thanks for the quick reply. I guess things like "-toi" in imperatives are only needed for pronominal verbs or for verbs that has a subject?


You can use -moi or -vous in the following cases:

  • the imperative has an object (direct or indirect): montre-moi != show me!
  • the imperative verb is reflexive: lavez-vous ! = wash (yourself/yourselves)!


Thanks. I confused the meaning of subject and object.


We use the imperative mood only for an advice, one prayer, an order, a ban, or an instruction. It is very hard to explain in English for me. http://www.francaisfacile.com/exercices/exercice-francais-2/exercice-francais-32611.php. I hope I have been helpful.


I had this as a listening exercise. Is there a way to tell between "écrivez" and "écrives"?


for "vous", "écri-vez" ends in [ve] and for "tu", "écris" ends in [ee]


Yes, but here I don't have neither "vous"' nor " tu"


Because in the imperative mood (when you give an order), there is no personal pronoun.

The difference in the conjugation tells you the difference of address between "écris" which is exclusive for "tu" and "écrivez" which is an address to one person, formally or to two or more people.

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Since there is no subject pronoun, it would be understood as an imperative. That means there are three (and only three) possibilities:

  • écris la question (this is the informal "tu" version). Note that it is not écrives, which is the indicative
  • écrivons la question, i.e, "let's write down the question"
  • écrivez la question (this is the polite --or plural-- form).

So you can try one of the sites like Google Translate or Forvo.com to listen to the differences between these: écris, écrivons, and écrivez. But I suspect you have mastered that by now.


écrives is the subjunctive present


(why is write out the question ) not acceptable ?

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