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Any Updates on Esperanto Tree 2.0?

Projected dates, etc.?

January 19, 2016



Hey, I'm working on Tree 2.0. It's progressing very slowly because of some bugs in the Incubator backend, but I think the work could be completed in a couple months. Then Duolingo will A/B test it, meaning that only a small percentage of users would get the new tree at the start and then they will gradually increase the percentage if they see that users learn better with it. Generally it takes several more months before everyone has the new tree.

On the bright side, we're ensuring that the Spanish tree (Esperanto for Spanish speakers) will immediately have most of the improvements of the Tree 2.0.


Oh, wow, this is good news. An expanded tree will give me a great excuse to go back and review Esperanto and learn it a bit better! Good luck with the work, and thank you.


I submitted to help to translate the Esperanto for Chinese speakers. I think that would take even longer time before it could be seen in incubator. :)


I did as well! But it would be an amazing course to work on with so much support in China for Esperanto.


Sed tio vere estus mojosa!


Sad to hear it's so far away, but glad to hear it's progressing and that other courses will also see the benefit of the work :)


It takes time to build high-quality learning resources and we're all volunteers. Thank you for your patience!


That's good to hear. Thank you for all of your hard work.

Any idea how many word the course will eventually include?


We'll be expanding the course a bit (4 new skills or so), but most of our 2.0 work is making the beginning of the course much more logical for new learners and dissolving the evil Prepositions skill into all the other skills. :)


Why is the prepositions skill evil?


Because it's just so hard to learn that many prepositions all at once. They just all get mixed up in your head causing many people to give up here.


Do you guys get some data from Duolingo on things like these? I assume they could probably have lots and lots of data on where people get stuck. For example, is there a way to find the "most evil sentence" ... that is, the sentence that has highest percentage of wrong answers? That could be fun info.


@jirka, Duolingo does actually tell you the fail rates of every sentence in the system, and tells you the percentage of users who give up the course at each skill. So it flags sentences that users are having a lot of trouble with.


I find the Adverbs skill to be much the same. A lot of new similar but unrelated words, all thrown at you at once.


I always hate whenever the Prepositions skills on one of my trees is weak and I have to strengthen it.


I'm glad I'm not the only one that hates that lesson! That and food is a little much early on


六月 太陽 (我寫的對嗎?)

謝謝你工作得那麼幸苦. 加油! 加油!


This is great news. Any chance of being one of the intrepid explorers of Tree 2.0? I've been keeping my Esperanto tree all gold for months now, and would love new material to digest!


Keeping it gold for months? You need to go find other resources. Lernu.net was king before Duolingo came along, and is still a very good place.

Or are you just a Duolingo player and that's it?


I am using other resources, but I find what I do with Duolingo useful.


while i am waiting I will get my tree finished :) Once I get that finished I will be excited for this.


And when will the tree be out of beta? Can it be before the release of the 2.0 version?

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