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"I am walking through your house."

Translation:Idę przez wasz dom.

January 19, 2016



How is one to know that 'Chodzę przez twoje dom.' won't work

  1. "dom" is masculine, so it's "twój" and not "twoje"

  2. Verbs of Motion do show the difference between Present Simple and Present Continous. So "I am walking" is definitely "idę". "chodzę" would be "I walk".


I thought idę was "I am going"


If it's on foot. So "I am going" (on foot) or "I am walking".


But you said walking without a purpose could also be chodzić. https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/13129067


Without purpose and specific direction, like "wander around". Przez (through), however, implies a direction.


Idę za pośrednictwem domu = I am walking through your house. Idę obok domu = I am walking past your house. Idę do twojego domu. = I am walking by your house. Are these correct? Keep up the good work. I love Polish ! Moja piękna żona jest polska.


"Idę przez twój dom" =I am walking through your house.

Za pośrednictwem means with intermediation , it translates to through when a third party hepls you do something.

I am walking past your house , and I am walking by your house both mean Idę obok/koło twojego domu.

I am walking to your house = Idę do twojego domu.

( You do not skip "twojego in sentences like those. If you skip it is assumed the house is the subject's own )

Also You should say , that your beautiful wife is "Polką", as we do not use adjectives to inform about nationality.


Why is ,chodzę' wrong?


Why not 'domu'?


After przez you always need accusative. Dom is masculine not animated so it has Accusative=Nominative.



I understand that "przez" is followed by the accusative "dom." But why is the adjective "twoj," not "twojego"?


In Accusative of masculine nouns, it matters whether the noun is animate or inanimate. If it's animate, the form is identical to Genitive. If it's inanimate, the form is identical to Nominative.

A house is inanimate, so the Accusative of "your house" is the same as the Nominative: "twój dom".

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